Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you offer?


The SLO-TAGG SYSTEM and The SLO-GLO SYSTEM are both available for purchase. Both products are collision visual signaling  systems with visual warnings. 

What is included in the purchase of either system?


The SLO-TAGG SYSTEM comes with a truck harness and  SLO-TAGG frame of your choice with the "PBS" light installed. The SLO-GLO SYSTEM comes with a truck harness and  a single light of your choice. Both products are collision visual signaling  systems with rear visual warnings. Having these warning systems in place can prevent someone from rear-ending you or possible unde-rride.

Who would install the system in my truck?

 Proper installation of this product requires the installer to have a good understanding of automotive electronics, systems and procedures. Anyone with good basic common auto mechanic experience can install the system. Installation time is approximately 2-3 hrs. or less depending on the vehicle.  If you need assistant, don't hesitate to contact us.

  We can arrange to have the system installed for a fee.  Just contact us for info.

Do you offer any payment plans?

 No. Just, Cash, Major credit cards and checks. 

Do insurance companies offer discounts for collision warning systems?

 Some insurance companies provide discounts for customers with collision avoidance systems in their trucks. Please call your insurance provider to find out about any rebates they may provide you.

Keep in mind that our system will save you a lot more on your insurance premium than any discount even if you prevent only one accident.


What sets SLO-LITE SYSTEMS apart from the competition?

1. Really! OUR SLO-LITE SYSTEM is the most economical collision warning product on the market today.

2. Not consisting of any sensors, radars or components that may get damaged if the driver bumps into something, costing

3. After installation, System is basically maintenance free. Just keep your lights clean.

4. No NEW Lessons for the driver, Just drive as usual.

5. Allows the driver to give "courtesy signals" (Double Light Flash) to rear approaching drivers with just the release of the accelerator.

6. Drivers will probably use the engine brake more often, knowing that they are illuminating a  signal without having to use their service brakes.

7. Using the engine brakes more and the service brakes less, means the service brakes stay in adjustment longer, stay cooler and last longer.  MAKING SAFER  TRUCKS ON THE HIGHWAY.

8.  The driver can "always" engine brake warning signals to rear approaching motorists of traffic conditions, work zone crawls and even during inclement weather.

 Our systems come with a 12-month warranty.

Which number should I call to learn more information?

You can call us directly at  240-518-8282

Who do I contact if I have technical issues with my system?

Please contact us on livechat, and we will get back to your ASAP.